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Guest post writing is an amazing opportunity for writers to increase their reach and provide useful content to a wider audience. 

Our website is a general blogging platform that covers multiple content categories. 

We provide guest posting opportunities to writers worldwide interested in sharing their thoughts via guest write-ups on any topic (except a few).

If you are someone who has the spark for growth and wants to write for a wider audience, then your search for an ideal platform may end here.

On this page, we mention all the mandatory write-for-us guidelines and common content categories in which we publish content regularly.

So, read this page carefully without skipping any points to write our

readers-friendly content and get published.

Frequently publish content category:

Being a general blogging platform, we cover almost every content category except illegal and sexual ones. However, we are mentioning a list of frequently published content categories for writer’s ease:

  • News
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Marketing
  • Health
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Sports

Mandatory guidelines to follow to publish your article in Danielsoteloforfl.com:

Write unique and SEO-friendly content:

Every person is different from others and has a unique thinking process. We praise the originality of the writer’s thoughts and promote the same thing on our website.

If someone wants to publish their write-up on our website, then it must be unique and plagiarism-free.

Nowadays, most people don’t have much free time to read much content and strictly avoid consumption of repetitive and ordinary things.

So, make sure you are not copying content from any source and presenting fresh and unique thoughts to readers.

After writing unique content, it is important to make it visible on the internet so that readers can access it.

You have to follow all relevant SEO guidelines. Make sure you learn about and implement them in your writing.

Write well-searched and be focused:

Before starting to write content on any topic, do detailed research and write subject-related content.

We promote well-researched content that provides meaningful knowledge about that subject and helps readers to understand that subject.

External links and image insertion:

Image insertion is mandatory; if you require, you can use multiple images, but the addition of at least one image is mandatory.

We allowed every guest author to include a maximum of two external links redirecting to their websites and social media accounts.

Word limit:

We believe in reader-friendly content and don’t force unnecessary word limits on writers. 

Your content’s length shall be ideal and justifiable to the content’s subject.

If you are confused and want a general guideline, then write at least 1000 words and a maximum of 3000 words.

However, the write-up’s length is your creative choice.

How do I send guest posts for publication?

Authors are required to send an email attaching a guest post. It is a simple process, and after receiving the email, our team will publish it post-review.
Email id: info@danielsoteloforfl.com